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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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it's a nice quiet neighborhood, we never would expect this. it was a surprise. >> reporter: the criminal complaint says police were called to the home friday, december 11th after concerns were raised about the women. officers went in and found the mother in a second floor bedroom beaten the death with a hammer, her daughter on the first floor beaten to death with a mallet. the complaint says cadiz complained to the landlord that the mother and daughter had stolen the rent money but he was going to fix the problem. neighbors say he belonged to a local club but that they hardly knew him. >> i only saw him in the ma'am. he was a quiet guy. he was quiet guy. >> reporter: neighbors apparently didn't know of cadiz's violent criminal according to the department of corrections, beginning in1986 he was sent to prison for robbery. four months later he was manslaughter. he was paroled in 2000 and went back to prison five years later for a parole violation.
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serving the maximum sentence. eight years later a mother and daughter are dead. >> not just one murder but two. that's devastating for everybody around here. >> reporter: and published reports say he also had a long criminal record in at least one other new jersey county. for now we're live, toni yates, eyewitness news. after another unseasonably warm day rain is joining the weather. what is this, summer? lee goldberg outside our studio on the upper west side. >> december is still a no- show. you can see the lights in town and everybody holding shopping bags. outside of that no coats.
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the raincoat in another hour, 90 minutes or so. our temperatures are in the mid-60s and lower 70s. the normal high 43. we're just smashing records left and right. that camera is bouncing. there's no wind at the ground but there's obviously some winds aloft. so once it starts raining those gusty breezes may come down to the surface. conditions can change in a hurry tonight. visibility is improving from southwest to northeast. that's why temperatures responded nicely over parts of new jersey. we're all very mild in the upper 50s and lower 60s. in terms of rainfall, rain has already moved into sussex and passaic, back to newton. the heavy rain is now moving into the poconos. the steady rain that's west of philly, that's what's headed towards parts of central new york and new jersey. it's about an hour and a half away. between 9:00 and 8:00, downpours over the hudson
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northern new jersey. after that, it will be off and on through much of the evening hours. it's not constant. then a line of gusty showers comes through during the overnight with an actual cold front that has nothing but wind. so here is what you need to know. december is now 10 and a half degrees above average as we approach the midpoint. about a third of an inch to maybe a half inch if you get caught in a rumble of thunder overnight. tomorrow is gusty but still around sick. then briefly back to reality. boy it will feel different over the weekend when temperatures struggle to reach the 40-degree mark. the seven-day accuweather forecast in a few minutes. cops in new jersey thinking they were facing man with a real gun opened fire, but turns out it was a bb gun. but they say it looked real. it happened in rochelle park about 3:30 this morning.
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was driving around with the bb gun. officers spotted him. he slammed into a wall before pulling into the parking lot of the bergen county board of social services building. no change in the condition of a young woman hit by a hit- and-run driver in queens. the 21-year-old remains in critical condition. she was hit by a white mustang while crossing beach 19th street in far rockaway. she was on her way to lunch when the car slammed into her. >> i heard, screech, boom, i see my friend ten feet in the air. >> when i see my sister laying on the floor, at first i think she's just covering herself, but she's not moving. so i get across the street and my sister is bleeding through her mouth. >> police say the driver of the mustang, a 23-year-old, denzel watt son, fled the scene but was followed by a good samaritan driver who told cops where he was and they arrested hip. three years ago today a young gunman massacred 20
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sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. this is the first time the anniversary of the tragedy has fallen on a school day, but there was no official commemoration other than flags flying at half-staff across the tainted some community members are now taking part in acts of public service as a tribute to the victims. dozens of people marking the sandy hack anniversary by calling for stricter gun control laws today protested outside the nra headquarters in virginia, the demonstrators calling for background checks. the nra says more restrictions will not improve public safety. now to the race for president. a slew of new polls. nationally, higher numbers for trump and a big boost for cruz, but getting the nomination means the primaries. the first numbers from the
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political reporter dave evans is here. >> reporter: at this point the national polls really don't mattery great deal because the primary, of course, is not a national vote, it's state by state over many months. right now the momentum seems to be not with donald trump but with ted cruz who we really haven't heard that much about. before this weekend ted cruz and donald trump were getting along really well. well, all that has changed. his comments about muslims rocked the political world, and donald trump is now poll. it has him way out in front nationally with 41%. >> i have good judgment. i have great judgment. i would say i have far better judgment than ted. >> reporter: but the "ted" trump is referring to is ted cruz. and mr.'s plot cal buzz in iowa. he is leading trump in iowa by 10p and trump is not happy one bit. >> when you look at the way he has dealt with the senate where he goes in there like a,
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little bit of a maniac, he will never get anything done, and that's the problem with ted. >> reporter: ted cruz hit back on his website with a link to that famous maniac dance scene from the movie flash dance. he tweeted, in honor of my friend donald trump and good hearted maniacs everywhere. but now ted cruz has a big target on his back for tomorrow night's debate, the final one of 2015. >> the only budget he has ever voted for is a budget that cut defense spending by more than barack obama proposes we cut it. >> reporter: marco rubio finds some consolation in a poll that shows him beating hillary clinton. cruz and trump don't do nearly as well. and all this has will ferrell reprising the role of george w. bush on "saturday night live." >> the field of republicans out there is so messed up i figured, it makes you miss me, doesn't it. >> reporter: in iowa ted cruz is very well organized. he tends to do well with
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voters, and that is the majority of iowa republicans. it will be very different in florida, and georgia. tomorrow night it could prove pivotal because the campaign season is likely to slow down during the holiday season. you are next. tough talk tonight for president obama as he announces the u.s. military is hitting the terrorist group isis harder than ever. those are his words. speaking at the pentagon after meeting with his security team the president revealed a group of american special ops commandos has now begun working with fighters to, quoting now, tight tenth squeeze on the extremists' capital. >> the point is isil can now hide, and our next message to them is simple. you are next. >> president obama announcing he is disspawching defense secretary ash carter to
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mayor de blasio recuperating after what turned out to be a double hernia operation. the mayor says he will have to take it easy physically speaking. he joked that by having the double operation he got double my pleasure, quoting now. the player said's glad he had the procedure now as opposed to 20 years ago because what doctors can do now, he said, is amazing. he is going to recuperate, he says. a quick look at wall street stocks started the week higher. the dow up along with the s & p and nasdaq. as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00, a stranger to the rescue of a man siewferg heart attack at an atm. we have the happy reunion coming up next. also coming up, the dramatic rescue of workers trapped at a construction site inbrooklyn. plus this. >> reporter: i'm laura behnke at sun life stadium in miami
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two workers recovering after they had to be rescued at a construction sippet brooklyn. the workers trapped when loose soil poured right on top of them. free. they were not hurt badly. buildings next to the site were evacuated as inspectors made sure they were stable. new at 6:00, under the heading if you see something do something. a retired nurse walking by a bank and seas a man at the atm having a heart attack so she rushes in, gives him cpr and saves his life. now the man who survived reunited with the woman who saved him. happy hole days. here's lucy yang. >> reporter: they were two
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street, now forever connected by the gift of life. >> and all of a sudden, he turned gray and blue, and i said, uh-oh, i guess i have to try, but i wasn't sure i could do it. >> reporter: last thursday william taylor was walking by the citibank when he suddenly collapsed from a massive heart attack. bank workers quickly brought in the responsive man ?ierksd and that's when an angel appeared. 69-year-old claire o'neill is a retired obstetrics nurse. she was walking home when she saw the commotion and noticed the man was dying in front of her eyes. so she got on her knees and began chest compression. >> i was afraid i was going break your ribs. >> that's okay. >> they always say it doesn't matter if you break a rib. senate will heal. >> reporter: the two met for the second time today at the hospital where william what is
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to thank his guardian angel. it was an emotional visit. even william's doctor could see both lives have now been forever touched. >> for you and for him. >> yes, i think so. >> reporter: now, the nurse said she was given an amazing gift, too. her husband died a year ago from cancer. she admits she was left pretty angry because she felt her prayers weren't answered. and then she saves another man's life and says now she finally has peace. bill, how is that for a gift that keeps giving? >> oh, what a story, lucy. we should have a story like that every day in our newscast. great story telling and good for her and congratulations for him. he will have a happy holiday. just ahead, meteorologist lee goldberg checking his maps, checking them twice, as
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i said lee was checking his maps. you just got a thunderstorm warning, right? >> well, not a warning, but don't be surprised to hear a rumble. >> i will not be surprised now that i have heard you. >> okay, g. might wake you up around 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. outside still enjoying 60 degrees. look at these numbers. unbelievable. highs in the mid and upper 60s to near 70. the normal high at 43. so just remarkable out there. our temperatures this evening are going to be in beautiful shape. we're going to see temperatures only drop through the 50s, and i think it will be very slow. rainfall is getting closer. in fact, it's moving through parts of new jersey right now.
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new york city, i would say by 7:00, 7:30, and the empire state building in hanukkah colors. the antenna is flickering like a candle. the high temperature 65, the average 43 over 32. so we should be going down to freezing at night. instead, we're near records most of the time. only two shy today. back to normal this weekend. saturday it will feel like 30s, 44 sunday. next seven hours see how the rain is coming in, it's raining off and on, not all the time, though. shutting down after 2:00 or 3:00. rain moves into northwest new jersey. 57 randolph. it's 60 in dorks mont. in miami tonight about 77 for kickoff for giants and dolphins right here on 7. montauk at 63 and belmar. one thing you will notice tomorrow not cold by wind. you will notice wind gusts
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look at the live lightning south of denney in ulster county. rain is starting over northern new jersey and getting into county. you see those first showers just about to close in on staten island, although the steady rain is still an hour or two away. there is the cold front right there so that will move through. it's not a huge area of rainfall so this will blast through over the next few hours. then it will just be off and on until one more cold front moves through around 2:00 in the morning. notice cold air, snow over the lakes, but that's bypassing us so we still stay mild tomorrow. that will move over long island between 8:00 and 11:00. another round of showers comes through during the overnight. maybe that's 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. there could still bea brief, gusty shower. dry by tomorrow morning,
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then into the day on wednesday it might be the best day of the week because it's less wind. a lot of sunshine. our next rain maker comes in thursday. so tonight 55, balmy, still mild tomorrow, you will notice gusty winds. brisk early tomorrow night otherwise mainly clear. after a beautiful wednesday, on thursday your morning commute looks okay, but steady rain into the midday. on friday brisk and cooler. might have a couple of showers near the coast. over the weekend a lot cooler, feeling like 30s on saturday, but that is not going to last long. we'll be at 50 again by monday. a big night for the giant, a big night for channel 7. straight ahead, monday night football. the against at miami. we have a preview from the site as we get ready for kickoff. the game is here so you know the computer's got the numbers. we'll see what they are next. before we go to break a holiday greeting from a local
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will not be home for the holidays. hi, i'm specialist timothy kelly. i'm from new jersey.
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fill your cart with everything you need this season, all at one place. my stop & shop. we used to do this every monday during football season, have the news afterwards, later after the game. >> we'll see you back here 11:40. >> think that will be it? >> 11:50. >> you think so? >> late night. monday night football makes its return to channel 7. giants and dolphins. big blue needs to win in a big way. here's the standings after yesterday. the giants need a win tonight to stay with the front runners.
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laura behnke live in miami. hi, laura. >> reporter: rob, nfl players say all the time how much they love playing monday night football. everyone is watching, you're the only show in town, and it's in prime time. the giants need to channel that into a win here in miami. the giants may have lost three games in a row but thanks to the wild nfc east they aren't out of anything just yet. >> it shows in the weight room, it shows in the film room, and it shows in practice that guys are still focused. >> we're excited about the opportunity and excited to see how this whole thing is going to shake out. >> reporter: with both washington and philadelphia wing on sunday, big blue must win tonight to keep pace at the top of the division. >> everybody knows that you can talk about it until you're blue in the face. you have to go out there and do it. that's going to be the goal. we know our situation, we know what we need to do. we just need to do it. >> reporter: part of doing it is getting the running game on track. >> we get the running game going with the passing game we have, i think it would be a scary combination.
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four games it is a tough haul for each one of us. so one game at a time, take care of your own business. i've been saying. that we've got to get it done. >> reporter: now, tom coughlin has done everything he can this week to keep this team confident even going as far as doing jumping jacks during team meetings, but he can't play. it's up to the players to prove they've been listening. live in miami at sun life stadium, laura behnke. >> laura, thanks, can't wait. your place to see the giants and dolphins. countdown to kickoff with interviews, analysis, then the giants and dolphins at 8:15, all right here on channel 7. the jets' devin smith, a torn acl, out the rest of the season. the jets' playoff run did take another step yesterday when they made the titans look silly. the jets won the game 30-8. still on track as long as they keep winning.
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game for the jets but they weren't having any of that. >> the golden state warriors, you can after trap game. we're not that good. >> they lost. >> we know we still have some big ones to go. >> we're focused, locked in, and we've got to continue to stay locked in. 6mwcwh9h# be reinstated to the game of baseball rejected. rose was banned after betting on games while he managed and played. mlb says rose wasn't completely honest about his gambling back then, and he continues to bet legally even today. and it looks like johnny cueto son his way to san francisco. it's that time when al litter ration runs -- al litter ration -- alliteration runs wild. monday night football, giants at miami for the first time in nine years, both teams 5-7. washington and philadelphia won yesterday so big blue needs this one. they've only won two road games this season.
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throw on the giant d but when they throw more than 40 times the dolphins are 0-5. three tough giant games after this one. the giants will win this one 23-21 over the dolphins on monday nighter, and the giants hope your results don't vary. we are 24-0 going into this game. >> yes, of course. very close, rob. thank you. see you tonight. let's check in with sade, see what's coming up after the game. a truck drives full speed into a hotel lobby on purpose. two people narrowly avoid being hit. tonight the crazy reason the driver hit the gas. plus, does take antidepressants during pregnancy increase the risk of autism? those stories and more tonight at 11, hitting around 1:1:45, 50. >> whenever the game is over, that's when we will be here. thanks, sade. aim bill ritter. world news tonight with david muir is next.
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